It’s true that knowledge is power, but for the 20th-century people, I want to edit the line and say Technological Knowledge is power. Technology is everywhere, from birth to death of a child today is surrounded with technology. Almost all the products or goods they using for their lifestyle like Smart Watch, fitness checker, Head Mounted Display and lot more are the modern sorts of technology. Science has given us a lot of technological product and we the consumers have become depended on them.
The motto of the invention of Mobile phone was to remove the global distance. From that point of view, mobile phone has become successful to do it. At the earlier, it was not so much available to the general people. But today, a rickshaw puller can’t even think of a single day without a mobile phone. So the importance of technology or technological knowledge cannot be ignored.

All sorts of the people are more conscious today. With the help of technology, they are exploring and inventing new and newer technique of modern lifestyle. Today they can send/read emails from their smartphone where a few years ago it was impossible to check an email without a computer. Day by day our technological knowledge is improving by the practice of technology. And the person who uses or operates the application of technology in is known as an operator.

So what is our definition? Techy? Then the answer is wrong. Because techy means someone who is already expert in computing or related to technology.
Then what? An operator!
How do you feel of thinking yourself as an operator?
I think there should be a better word to recognize peoples like you/me. So what is my identity on the field of technology? And what is yours?
The answer is Techu. Yeah, a totally new word Techu.
From my point of view all those who loves technology; uses technology and cares about technological change is a Techu.

Personally, I am a student who loves to do with technology. I love to learn each and every day. And Professionally, I am a govt employee and Casual SMM & Content manager at Larnexit. I think there are lots of people like me who loves to do with technology. Many young students, as well as entrepreneurs, are starting different kinds of online based business or looking for how to find a smart way to earn money from the internet. Finally, they start to do any kind of work like blogging, web development etc. And at the initial/middles stage of setting up their online identity (website) or doing any kind of freelance work they are facing with many problems. I have created this blog to serve peoples like them with better information. In this blog, I am going write articles on blogging, SEO, WordPress themes, and plugins.

I love to play games on my android device, I also have an interest in latest gadgets too. So, there would be few contents on best android games, best android devices too.
Technology is like the water of a sea. Come to techuworld.com and take a sip of water.