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16 best Google Adsense Alternatives

Before talking about Google AdSense alternatives in brief, I want to draw your attention. Why is it necessary to know about the AdSense alternatives? If we pay heed to the beginning, in the year of 1994, human-edited directories such as Yahoo and DMOZ arose to help people more easily to find things on the internet. However, as more and more websites have been introduced over these days, it became clear that the manual process for indexing websites was becoming more complex.

As a consequence, search engines were brought into the light, and in the late 1990’s, an even better elucidation was founded: Google.Google was the very first search engine to monetize the search engine results pages (SERPs) that were the blueprints in determining the next steps a user would take after typing in a search query to Google.

adsense alternatives

In the mid-90s, Google took these SERPs by noting them as irrelevant and ‘spammy’ to users – and began advertising with a flat-fee directory listing, as similar to the way the Yellow Pages worked. Since then, search engines have become pivotal to a user’s web-searching acquaintance, and paid search is now the most used & the popular driver of revenue for almost every search engines.

Google was the very first search engine to monetize the search engine results pages (SERPs) that were the blueprints in determining the next steps a user would take after typing in a search query to Google. In the mid-90s, Google took these SERPs by noting them as irrelevant and ‘spammy’ to users – and began advertising with a flat-fee directory listing, as similar to the way the Yellow Pages worked. Since then, search engines have become pivotal to a user’s web-searching acquaintance, and paid search is now the most used & the popular driver of revenue for almost every search engines.

Now, Google Adsense is one of the best PPC-based networks as of late. After all, Google has experienced many successes over the time, including becoming king of the search engines. However, it’s also the home to a competitive advertising market that’s better than most in the business as it works as the home of income for Google. Being a blogger, you are the owner of your website & so you possess the control for the types of ads that appear (or don’t appear) on your site. Only you have the access to get the ratio of the reports and metrics which shows just how effectively your PPC or, CPM advertising is performing. Adsense’s contextual advertisements perform better than many other types of ads (direct ads), securing its popularity over the horizon. Despite the popularity, there are also countless drawbacks. You may bounce back after getting that mail from google saying,

“Your Google AdSense account has been disabled or temporarily banned”.

I swear this mail is more than enough to ruin your enthusiasm and zest to become an active blogger. Dear fellas, don’t give up. Google Adsense has always been one of the best advertising platforms that help you to make money online via blogging. Well, besides Google Adsense, you must not forget that there are so many Adsense alternatives advertising networks, which might help you out there for monetization.

Naming some of them-, Infolinks, Chitika, Qadabra etc. now, you just cannot jumble our blog with too many ads, which may make our blog disrespectful. Among billions of Adsense alternatives advertising networks, you should pick only 2/3 best online money making program. You should never be too greedy to use all of them at one time, but to use them one by one and analyze. Eventually, you would be able to understand, which one you should keep and flourish at your project.

Don’t ever get confused like, Google Adsense is no more credible for monetizing your blog, but be aware that, it was the 1st and the foremost professional key to making money online. This article has been written to make you concerned that there are many AdSense alternatives to rolling up with your blog if you just cannot keep up monetizing with AdSense. Here is the list of.

16 best Google Adsense Alternatives (list & details)


If you’re looking for the most efficient & similar Google Adsense then the name is has been considered as like Adsense by Yahoo and Bing. is an industry-leading high tech organization that provides innovative digital advertising stuff for both the publishers and advertisers. is going to be the leader in the field of technological advancements, business operations and relationships with respect to publishers worldwide.

adsense alternatives is one of the best Adsense Alternatives, that ensures a wide area of monetization ideas too substantial and diversified bloggers. More than 500 employees are developing one of the largest teams worldwide building a global circumstantial advertising business. In addition to that, they take only 2 days on average to get your account approved which seems easier that others! (better than waiting weeks for an Adsense approval).

  1. MGID:

MGID gives native advertising opportunities to its publishers. This advertising network gives options both for the advertiser and the publishers. After this advertising platform could be good Adsense alternative to monetize your website. Nowadays, related content type ads are getting popular. MGID has these content type ads for its publishers. Contents they offer might like adult ads but actually, MGID does not show adult ads on your site.

google adsense alternatives

Minimum payout is 100$ via Paypal or bank wire transfer. The only and main requirement to get approved for MGID publisher account is to have 3k daily visitors on your site. If you have 3k+ visitors then forget Adsense and use MGID ads on your website or blog.

  1. Propeller Ads:

Propeller Ads is one of the biggest pop-under networks on work. At the beginning of their working time dated back on 2011, they managed to develop one of the prominent networks with great CPMs within a short time. Rather than the Adsense, they also have banners.

best adsense alternative

It is well known that mobile apps trafficking is one of their most expertise areas to attract the client’s for huge ROIs and great CPMs too.They showed a promising performance on websites about economics, IT products, gambling, Media, Professional gaming stuff, dating and much more. Another beneficial fact about propeller that those client’s possibly struggling to get their site monetized from countries like Turkey, South Africa, India, Singapore, etc. Propeller has a big supportive ad zone for them too.

  1. BidVertiser:

BidVertiser is one of the oldest hence a good Adsense alternative PPC network. The interesting fact is, Bidvertiser has started its operation in 2003, the same year of Google Adsense. When bloggers get banned or unacquainted with Google Adsense, it could be a potential privilege for you! Bidvertiser is one of the oldest – and most widely used PPC platform.

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With loads of clients database over the years, still, it holds the biggest cost-per-click(CPC) prices for publishers compared to different modest PPC networks. Moreover, getting up, installing and managing on the network is fast, lite and very simple.

  1. BuySellAds:

BuySellAds is a marketplace for the both publishers and advertisers. Convenient CPM & inventory for advertisements are being enlisted by the publishers & then the advertisers place their requests. The advertisements start running immediately when it’s been proved creative.

adsense alternatives for blogger

While getting ads up and running those on your site working & waiting doesn’t bother the client’s, as to other ad networks like Google AdSense or Infolinks. Overall, BuySellAds is a great Adsense alternative ad network to monetize your blog or website. So, you can easily rely on it, for going through with an easier working procedure over ad placements and more attainable approval.

  1. Infolinks:

Infolinks can play a role as the high converting Google AdSense Alternatives. As it is the 6th largest ad network in the world, Infolinks can introduce you with a diversity of ad formats, the most popular being the in-text ad format. Infolinks transforms your text blocks (2-3 word phrases) into a link to looking ads.

better than adsense

It doesn’t obligate any ad space from the blog. When the visitors click or hover on the links, they are taken directly to the relevant ads and your revenue increases. In case, you are having a feeling that your blog isn’t getting a huge traffic as you expected, and you are looking for the substitute to AdSense, Infolinks is your thing.

  1. Amazon Associates:

Being the most popular type, Amazon is the well known to people as it is the biggest online based e -commerce store in the world! Of course, they must be doing exceptionally good. No wonder, if you own a website that is all about any product that can be found on Amazon, then “Amazon Associates” is going to be the most working alternative for you. You will be surprised to know, Amazon will allow you to put compelling image ads to your blog, and this way promoting will be easier for you. Bloggers, please be aware of that, this network doesn’t work as a Pay-per-click or CPM system.The strategy they follow, that you will be paid a commission for every single product they sell from your blog’s links. Amazon associates could be high paying Adsense Alternatives.

high paying alternative to adsense


Here is an example, assume that there is a blog in your website on Apple products & using Amazon as the advertising alternative, your blog driving your readers to buy an iPhone. When a visitor of your blog purchases any of those products which have been directed through your blog’s link, a small commission will be paid to you. The plus point is that all the thing they purchase through your link (it could be like you didn’t recommend the product on your blog) will initiate a revenue for you. Well, over all of those things, I must let you know that Amazon will send you the payment through a check, which could take weeks to be received by you at your address.

  1. RevenueHits:

Talking about other AdSense alternatives, I must confess, RevenueHits is also a great alternative to AdSense. You will be happy to know that, it is also a functioning based network. How ads on your blogs perform is going to frame your earnings. RevenueHits was founded in 2008 and nowadays you can count on them as they are serving about 2 billion ad impressions. Acceptance of RevenueHits among the online bloggers is rising as they are offering ads both for the websites on Computers & mobile apps.

alternative to google ads

While there are plenty of restrictions on several monetizing networks, RevenueHits supports all sorts of standard ad sizes. Another good issue is, RevenueHits is able to implement pop-up, pop-under and button ads also. According to your demand, you can ask for a custom-sized ad from them. 100% ad coverage all over the world, that’s really a great achievement. Cost Per Action (CPA) ads is one of the best options on RevenueHits. Where they also hold out to pitch the highest CPM rates. Beyond any question, RevenueHits is a promising alternative to you!

  1. Qadabra:

Another performance based money making AdSense alternatives for you could be Qadabra! Qadabra, formerly known as AdsGadget, is will monetize your site in a better way, when your content will be up to the standard. They initiate a wide range of ad coverage and so they can fill up most of your inventory & ad zone. If you have a Paypal account & able to accept money there, you will get a payout even of just $1. For any Payoneer Card holders, $20 will be minimum payout and if the media is the wire transfer, then it is $500 minimum.
Qadabra initiates the easier procedure to get approval for accounts. You can add their code to your blog after getting the approval & then it will show the ads. All sorts of standard formats of advertising are accessible at Qadabra like slide-in banners and pop-up ads.

  1. Adversal:

Particularly if your blog has not been written in English, Adversal is one of the most beneficial AdSense alternatives. We all know, AdSense works with a number of major languages. If you don’t have an approved AdSense account or happen to have a banned one, and if your website is non-English, then you would certainly want to try out Adversal.

adsense alternatives pay per impression

Experts say that Chitika might not work well on non-English language websites; on the other hand, Adverse works like a pure professional. In order to get into Adversal, all you need is moderate traffic on your website. They generally accept every website with more than 50,000 page views per month. The Adversal ads attract high CTR and their payout amount is extremely low, you’ll surely get paid when you have $20 in your account.

  1. Chitika:

Chitika was the very second contextual advertising network I myself signed up with while I was waiting for Google to approve my AdSense account the former year. It’s been a great experience I must say!Chitika’s network of more over 250,000 publishers leverages its targeting and optimization technology is a delicate blend of “Art + Science”- to deliver intent driven ads to the proper and right user, at the right time and in the right place.

adsense alternatives pay per click

When you are looking for Adsense alternatives with top qualitative, search query targeted, best local and responsive mobile ads from an extensive network of famous advertiser then Chitika will be the best option for you!Publishers with diversities of idea’s and demographics are getting paid with high range using Chitika ads on their site. Additionally, before you start You can also try for which type of Chitika account is right for you and get started today.

  1. BlogAds:

BlogAd is another potential alternative to Google Adsense, Blogads gets advertisers promotions in front of blog readers by using over 3500 blogs. Blogads was launched for the first time in 2002 by Pressflex LLC when the CEO Henry Copeland suddenly decided to put advertising dollars into bloggers pockets which were a totally new and fresh concept. Since its operation started, they have posted thousands and thousands of ads on their member’s blogs and they are so efficient that they are allowed to handle advertising for major corporations such as Disney and Dove with certain professionalism.

like adsense

BlogAds is such sort of Google Adsense alternatives which could be worth mentioning. If your blog is targeting a relatively narrow and different niche, then chances of your blog getting approved on BlogAds are positive at 30,000 monthly impressions which are exciting, however, if your blog is catering to a larger audience and follows a broad niche then it needs to have a minimum of 500,000 to 1 million monthly impressions to get approved.

  1. Adblade:

Adblade is one of the big content-style based platforms on the Internet. They are actually indifferent from any sponsored content ad networks like Taboola and Outbrain.

same as adsense

Hence, they assure that their publishers good CPM at a high level of qualitative ads for their websites. This well-known monetizing ad network is designed in a way that their content-style, ad units potentially get three times more clicks from the visitors than the usual display ads which should be definitely a great platform.

  1. Viglink:

Nowadays, Viglink is the perfect AdSense Alternative which monetizes the web pages with a professional level of efficacy. When the visitor clicks the ordinary hyperlink, Viglink transforms that link into an affiliate link. Eventually, if the user buys anything from there, you are going to get the referral commission from it.

good adsense alternatives

The Viglink concept and its outcome will give you a monumentally distinctive experience from all of the alternatives has been discussed already. Viglink brings a noticeable difference for you, suppose you have a blog about technology. You have written about Apple products. Now, Viglink will convert the outgoing links into affiliate links. Interesting is, probably you may don’t have certain hyperlinks in your writing, but you are using money-related terms.

So,  Viglink will automatically add affiliate links to these words, and you will end up making a good revenue. What is the most intriguing fact about that very much SEO-friendly ad program Viglink is that it’s incubated by Google.

  1. Yes Advertising:

After knowing about the above-listed Adsense alternatives, you must not forget about Yes Advertising formerly known as Kontera. For the already existing 170 Million customers, Yes Advertising is able to provide in-text advertising links. Using Javascript, Yes Advertising will create links on keywords in the writing to relevant ads. The whole process of using Yes Advertising is so easy like only make the copy paste of the Javascript, and start earning your revenue.

high paying adsense alternatives

To make the links more attractive and undeniable, you will always have the freedom to customize your hyperlinks appearance! Like, changing the color, controlling the density of the text links etc. Being one of the most user-friendly Adsense alternatives, Yes Advertising brings the option of Paypal, check, and wiring for your hassle free payment experience.

  1. PopAds:

PopAds is a performance network which was primarily specialized in Pop Unders. They have moderately good rates and they can monetize blogs from all countries. One of the fabulous fact about PopAds are, they are willingly able to pay you daily as long as your revenue becomes $5 or more per day.

simillar to adsense alternatives

Their quality is beyond questionable, and they also provide pop-ups, tab ups/under and other monetization methods. Getting their approval for accounts is not difficult at all. And setting ads at your website takes just a few steps!

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Google may detect lots of issues in your website and don’t approve your AdSense account. Or they can ban it anytime if you just put a toe outside their policies. In case your cherished AdSense account has not been approved yet or if you have been banned from the AdSense’s arena — you should not be disheartened. Always remember, that it should not be your nightmare to get kicked off from Adsense, it’s not the end of the world! As I explained above, not only that 15 google AdSense Alternatives, but there are also additional AdSense alternatives for you.

Many skillful bloggers out there deliberately don’t rely on Google AdSense, and still able to make loads of money! So, if you were stuck in your thinking and firmly believed that AdSense is the only monetization option, you should think again from a different prospect. Always be concerned that, A good content of your creative thinking, will provide healthy traffic to your website! And there is no dearth of AdSense alternatives for a blogger like you if you have good traffic. Therefore stop worrying about AdSense. Just focus on producing good and authentic content. Everything else shall find their ways automatically.


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