Easiest and Safer Ways to Get Free Backlinks

The backlinks are the powerhouse of the SEO. Without the backlinks, it is next to impossible to optimize your blogs SEO. If you want your website to be indexed and crawled instantly, then backlinks can do that for you. Both paid and free backlinks can help you in this case.

free backlinks

Importance of backlinks

Backlink plays an important role in SEO. Every published page/content over the internet gets optimized by the SEO including all its elements, such as the writings and the web designs and the format. If you want to see your blog posts with the result of reaching out to people, then backlinks might help you a lot.

Now let us be a bit more specific, there are two kinds of backlinks, one- natural backlinks, and two- automated or payment oriented or free backlinks (ping).

Natural backlinks are very time consuming and a bit of a tough job. It requires lots of time to make backlinks manually. And automated backlinks can cost you a heavy load of money. Then what can be the simplest solution to save money and time and to make a successful blog all at the same time?

Do not give up hope, for it is possible and I am here to help you out! If you follow my instructions, then you will be able to get free backlinks. Yes, you heard me right, FREE BACKLINKS!

How can I get Free Backlinks?

There are certain free backlink generators that will provide you with a lot of safe backlinks. I will name some of them below so that it is easy for you to find them. Don’t be panic they are safe as they will just share your websites link on different websites like PINGDOM, GTMETRIX, SiteRankd etc. This is like pinging your site from different IP. This won’t help you to rank your page in one day. But they are very helpful to index your pages on Google’s Cache and for increasing Alexa ranking.

 List of few safe tools to get Free Backlinks (pings)

  1. Index kings.
  2. Y.M.E Daily Backlink Builder.
  3. Backlinks.
  4. 2000 Backlinks.
  5. Get Free Backlinks.
  6. Domain Pinger.
  7. SEO Unity.

Now let’s see the specification and offer details of these Tools

1.Index Kings:

This will lead your website to various website statistics sites, and they will help your site get indexed quickly and ranked higher. This offers 15000 and more panda free backlinks.

2.Y.M.E Daily Backlink Builder:

This site will provide your page to 11500 or more websites and you will be indexed rapidly.


Backlinks will give you approximately 2500 automated backlinks.

4.2000 backlink:

This will give you 2000 safe backlinks as its name.

5.Get Free Backlinks:

Get free backlinks will give you 5000 good backlinks.

6.Domain Pinger:

By using this your domain will be pinged to thousands of websites and eventually you will gain more or less 2450 easy backlinks.

7.Seo Unity:

If you need less than 2000 quality backlinks then this is the site for you.

There are many backlinks generator like- Marketing Blog Online, Officially, Link Soar, Small Seo tools, W3 SEO etc.

I hope all these tools will be helpful for you. But you should also keep in mind that Google never recommends making paid or free backlinks for SEO, rather it despises them.

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