How to Engage Social Media By Creating Scheduled Posts

Social Media is a kind of user-generated media. Where people come to maintain communications with their society. They spend times on different Groups, Pages, Pin Boards, Community on different social media platforms. There is a huge chance to draw their attention and bring them to your site regularly from Social Media platforms. See the daily active users of social media from one of our content related to social media optimization and realize how much can you do with them.

In the USA 93% of the mobile user owns a smartphone(android or iOS) and 90% of them uses different social media every day. It was about the USA and what about other countries? Probably, each and every country might have the same kind of social media users.

engage social media by creating scheduled post

Think again!! Yes, you can do a lot if you can post regularly when all your targeted customer comes online. Each and everyday a website from any region gets its users pic and you have to find that time and post your content. Search and find the best time that your targeted audiences come online and then post contents regularly that could attract them.   See the video below to find the best time for you when you can post your content on social media like facebook.

Well, I think you have understood how to find best times to post on social media. What do you thinking? You know everything and can go ahead, isn’t it? I think yes, and unfortunately, you are wrong. You may know everything but can not maintain the exact time of posting on social media every day. Also, you may leave workstation for any purpose like vacations, tours etc.

You might not abandon your website anyway.  Then what to do? How to solve the problem without losing your followers?

You can schedule your posts. Don’t be panic you do not need to install any plugin. In WordPress, there is an inbuilt way to share your posts regularly in a timely manner.

Ways to making scheduled posts on WordPress and Social Media.

First of all, make sure your content is ready to post. Images, Meta Tags, Title Tags, Categories, Focus Keywords and related everything is okay. Now it’s time to save your content for scheduled posts.


engage social media by creating ascheduled post

In the infographics, I have shown 3 steps by which you can setup your scheduled posts.

1. for editing your post schedule time.

2. for placing your required schedule time.

3. for saving the scheduled posts.

Now, you are all ready to go. Make awesome contents with infographics to attract your visitors and turn your visitors into customers. To get loyal customers you should post minimum twice a day. At 7 am anyone can read your content with their bed tea or coffee. You can post about your brand or services at 9 pm. Few times you must stop posting your contents and give your users to ask for new content. This is it, you are all set to post a scheduled content.


Check your social media sharing or publicizing plugins and make sure to make sure your contents are going live on different social media platforms. If you don’t have the idea of social media sharing or publicizing plugins and how they work then read the content below before making scheduled posts.

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  1. Thanks for sharing great ways to scheduled on social media and WordPress. This will be helpful for WordPress users also.

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