What should I do? Go with a free blog or paid? 

Blogging is a smart way to earn money. There are lots of platforms to start a blog. Among them some are free and some are paid. The question is which one is better for me? A free blog or paid?

A free blog is a kind of blog where you do not need to pay a single penny. From Domain name to hosting everything is free here. A free blog is a great idea to start blogging free of cost. There are lots of platforms where you can start your blog totally free. Here I am giving some best platforms where you can start your blogging right now.

  1. Blogger.com
  2. wordpress.com
  3. tumblr.com
  4. weebly.com

Most of these free blog platform gives you unlimited storage and bandwidth. All of these platforms give you a great support for SEO. These platforms may not give your site a super-fast loading speed but can give a standard speed. You do not need to have vast programming knowledge to maintain your blog’s design. With a free blog, everything is fine except functionality. Free blog platforms do not support all programming languages. Like Blogger.com is built-in HTML and HTML-5. You can use CSS to modify your blogger template. Free blog platforms are good for running a blog with lower functionality.
About domain name, you have to run your website under a sub-domain. Suppose, you are opening a blog under blogger.com your websites domain will be like www.yourdomain.blogspot.com .

Different free blog site offers premium blogging services also. You will get special blogging facilities in paid/premium blogging.


Premium blog is a kind of blog or website where you do not get any free service. From Domain name registration to hosting, everything is paid here. You need to spend different amount of money per month to run your website. At the first time, you have to buy a domain name. The cost would be 1$ to 20$ for one year. Then you have to buy hosting. After that, you may buy website’s themes/plugins (WordPress).

Why people goes with a premium blog instead of a free blog?

Both of the blogging’s (free / premium ) are good for different purposes. If there are only a few visitors on your site then a free blog is good for you. But a free blog is a bad idea where there will be lots of visitors each day.
If you are a newbie, don’t know anything about blogging. Then I will suggest you going with a free blogging platform like www.blogger.com and going with premium blogging after having daily 50 unique visitors.

For the professional purpose, never go with a free blog. Because, free blogs do not support higher programming languages, lower page load speed, lower bandwidth which are the main reasons for losing visitors.
If you are planning something big with your blogging then do not go with a free blog. Because one time you may have thousands of visitors each day and your site will be slower. That time you will feel the necessity of faster page load and might be thinking about changing of hosting. If you change your blog’s hosting then you will lose full SEO of your website. Changing of hosting is like creating a new blog. So, think and think again before starting a blog. A free blog or a premium blog.

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