5 Ways to Recapture Your Lost Customers in 2017


No business can afford to run a profitable venture if it keeps on losing its loyal customers on a regular basis and hence unable to create a solid market base. Therefore, certain aimed at helping business concerns in regaining their lost customers is going find much appreciation from the concerned quarters.

Improve the quality of your Products or Services as well as Email Template

  • One probable reason why customers chose to unsubscribe from your email list; is the unsatisfactory quality of service rendered, or because your company was not able to cater the evolving needs of your customers. Whatever might be the reason for their decision to look for better service elsewhere, you need to fix it to make the ground ready to attract them to your business with the next tips.

Send out Reminder Emails making them feel they are missing something

  • Sending reminder emails is a nice way to make your way back into the mind of your customers because nothing is more important that visibility in the world of marketing. Sending reminder emails will also make your ex-clients feel how much you cherish the association your company had with them, and this will be a strong pull factor for them. Such an email will also help in reminding them that your company is still very much in the business and benefits they are missing out just because, not being a part of it.

Give Special discount offers and clear your old inventory

  • Another extremely effective way of wooing back lost customers is by declaring special offers, which is bound to find many takers. However, the problem with such approach is that many customers may return to make the most of the special discounts and then simply fade away. However, this is a good tactic to clear old inventory. You can also consider opting for a loyalty program where customers can retain their association with your company for the longest duration and make the maximum amount of the transaction to get exclusive offers including discounts and other lucrative deals. Moreover, it will help in making your loyal customers feel more exclusive as well, and enhance their commitment towards your company and its products.

Send out regular newsletters regarding product updates and promotions

  • You ought to ensure that your top customers receive the best service possible, and you can enhance that experience by making it much more personalized. Sending your company newsletter and promotional materials containing a high degree of personalization is the best way to maintain a strong bond with your top customers. Additionally, giving them the most lucrative deals and offers will help you in keeping them glued to your products.

Be creative to find out your customer’s choices

  • Finally, if you intend to keep up with your peers, and avoid losing your loyal customers; learn to adapt to the evolving tastes and needs of the customers. Keep on innovating in terms of products and services offered to your customers, as well as the deals and discounts that help in enticing them to choose your products above those offered by others. If necessary, use the most of the social networking platforms to reach out to your lost customers and show them the reason to return to your fold once more.

These tips will help you in your bid to lure lost customers back and retain them for perpetuity.


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