What is blogging? Should I start writing a blog to earn money?

Blogging is something like sharing an article on a specific topic on a website. And the person who shares the information on a blog or website is known as a blogger. Blogging has become a great idea to help others by sharing one’s personal interest. Shared information depends on the interest of the blogger.
Yes, you can start writing a blog to earn money. Blogging is becoming more and more popular among young peoples. Bloggers are sharing their personal/subjective interest on a specific subject either to help others or to earn money and live a smart life through blogging.

Should I Start Writing a Blog or do freelance work? Which one is better?

Near about 6-7 years ago, Freelance work was last choice job/work among unemployed people. That time, a Govt. job or high paying private job was precious to job seekers. Nowadays the scenario has changed, a vast majority of young people thinks to do freelance work instead of doing a typical job. Because freelance works can be done at any time. They do not need to go to the office and can earn lot more potential (money) than a typical job.

Blogging is slightly different from freelancing and has a lot more potential than freelance works. Income from blogging is like royalty income, which increases day by day. Poets like Robert Frost, William Shakespeare, and Maya Angelou are famous writers. They have written thousands of poems, dramas, novels etc. and earned a lot of money. They are no longer alive today but their writings are still now popular. In most Universities in UK, US, Canada, Germany etc. writings of those writers are appreciated to learn English history and culture. They have died but their writings are generating money till to date.

Blog generates royalty income like a poem or novel does. And thus blogging is becoming more and more popular to earn money from the internet. Monthly income of a typical freelancer could be 500$-2000$ which is pretty smart. Highly expert freelancers may earn more than your imagination.  Becoming a highly expert freelancer is not easy. Now come to the point, typical earning from a blog could be much more than 2000$.

You do not need to have lots of technical knowledge to start a blog. If you can write well then you can start a blog and can earn lots of money. At the initial time, you may find it hard to earn money from your website or blog. Because you will need lots of visitors each day and to get lots of visitors you must share informative articles on your website. At the first (3-4 months) time, your website may have very few visitors and your income will be around 100-500 dollars per month. No worries this will increase gradually as your visitor increases. If you are passionate and take care of your blog, posts fresh and informative articles regularly then your income could be more than 10000$ per month.

In next 5-6 years, blogging will be a prestigious job to everyone. A Freelancer earns money either doing hourly jobs or by doing fixed-price jobs. Which means, no work no pay. But a blogger’s income is like a govt. job holder. If a blogger gets sick he/won’t have to think about money as earning from blogging like royalty. Rather, bloggers earning will increase day by day.  There are lots of people who earns about 30000$ or more per month from a single blog. Here are lots of blog sites, that receives a huge amount of visitors per month and generates thousands of dollars. Here I am giving four blog sites names that I like and follow.

Now you can assume a little about blogging and freelancing. Now it’s up to you to go whether with blogging or with freelancing. Hopefully, this article will help those who are quite new and still now do not know what should he/she do. And if you get simple help from this article then help others by sharing this content. Your one share can help hundreds of people like you.
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