5 Best Paypal Alternatives for All

Who needs online payment processor(eg: paypal) or who’s not ?

Simple answer of this Q is, online payment processor is for the person or company who provides service or sells product overseas or local market but prefer getting/processing instant payment for their service and product. And in that case, online payment processor like below are good solution. Freelancers, Offshore Service Provider like Cut Out Quick require/prefer getting payment for their service via online. Nowadays, local shop owners has also started to use different online based payment processors that I mentioned below.

Paypal is one of the best online payment gateway accepted by most of the Online Companies. It is a smart platform to send and receive money for personal or business purpose.I am using PayPal but not in an authentic way. Paypal is not supported in Bangladesh as I am using my cousins PayPal who lives in ITALY.After few days of getting my cousins pay-pal, my monthly transaction was increased. And it made some obstacles like money sending limitations, tax related issues and more.To lift all of these problems I knocked my relative again and again. One day I felt that I should not use this account for mass payment and won’t knock him frequently.Then I have found some Paypal Alternatives.

paypal alternatives

If you have issues with your PayPal account like me then you have come to the right station. Here I will share 5 best Paypal Alternatives.

List of 5 best PayPal Alternatives for 2017

1. Payoneer

2. 2Checkout

3. Skrill

4. Payza

5. Selz

1. Payoneer

payoneer paypal alternatives Payoneer is one of the most reliable alternatives to PayPal for affiliate marketers, freelancers, and bloggers. It is the easiest and safest global money transfer system. Payoneer gives a free MasterCard to its members that can be utilized to make global transactions and withdraw funds from local ATM machines in your local currency.

Payoneer also gives you a Virtual United States Bank account Routing Number to receive global payments. Also, You can disburse funds from Payoneer to your local banks. Few things that can be performed with Payoneer.

  • Buy web hosting and domain from companies that Support Master Card.
  • Get Online Education from organizations like Zend, Udemy etc.
  • Withdraw Money from affiliate marketing sites like ClickBank, Amazon.com, CJ.com, ShareASale, etc.
  • Withdraw Dollars from freelance sites like PeoplePerHour, Up work, Fiverr, 99designs, etc.
  • Receive Payments from US companies using Bank’s Routing Number.

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2. 2Checkout

2checkout paypal substitute
2Checkout is a distinctive e-payment service. It enables you to accept funds from clients internationally. It receives payments from Paypal, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, Diner Club International, JCB and all international cards. Also, you can collect your cash by Wire Transfer, Payoneer Card, and EFT.

Also, you can combine 2Checkout with different shopping carts like Shopify, Bigcommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, E-junkie, Drupal Commerce, PrestaShop, Selz, WHMCS, and much more.

It could be a best Paypal alternative while promoting services or products on your website,

3. Skrill

paypal alternative skrill
Skrill is Previously recognized as MoneyBookers. It is another popular way to transfer and receive funds. You can instantly send and receive funds from Skrill.

Skrill primarily concentrates on the internal transaction between the users rather than getting reimbursement from other organizations. Being a techy people you can do some other things with Skrill.

  • You can Buy a domain name and the web hosting companies like A2 Hosting, GoDaddy etc.
  • Get payments from freelance sites like UpWork, PeoplePerHour, Teespring, Freelancer.com, etc.
  • Some affiliate Platforms like TemplateMonster, Envato etc accepts Skrill.

4. Payza

payza alternative to paypal Payza was formerly known as Alterpay. It is was one of the most successful online payment gateways that support more than 21 currencies and 190 countries. Payza is no more effective in receiving affiliate marketing payments today, it gives the simplest way to transfer and receive funds from its users.
Another excellent point is, Payza allows a reloadable Prepaid Card that can be utilized wherever credits cards are accepted. This service is available in few supported countries. It has few astonishing services for Business like payment buttons, shopping cart integration, centralized administration, etc. Hither is few things that Bloggers can make with Payza.

  • Can make online fees.
  • Earn cash through Payza Affiliate Program.
  • Buy web hosting & domain names with Payza.

5. Selz

selz substitute to paypal Selz is still a PayPal Alternatives to bloggers and freelancers who sell services/products. Selz has a free WP plugin to combine a shopping cart to WordPress blog. The wondrous part is, website’s visitor doesn’t have to depart website to purchase anything. You can attach product widgets, purchase buttons or an entire e-shop to your blog.

Selz has a collection of superb themes to design online shops. Even you can sell within social networks like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Other highlights are maintaining customers, tracking sales completion, offering reductions and coupons, etc. It supports 100+ currencies and 190 countries.

Up to You

These are 5 best PayPal alternatives. All these Paypal substitutes could be best for Freelancers, affiliate marketers & Bloggers. Obviously, you should not use all of them. Pick up two or three that might fill your needs. My recommendation for you is

  • To Use Payoneer Master Card.
  • To Use Skrill.
  • To Use 2Checkout.

Actually, I have Account on all of them but I use these three and this is why I can recommend all these 3 platforms to you. If you have more ideas on Paypal Alternatives then write them on the comment box. Share this article on your Facebook, G+, Twitter to help others.

3 thoughts on “5 Best Paypal Alternatives for All”

  1. Hello Mostafizur,
    Thank you so much for sharing these paypal alternatives. I think Payoneer is the best for freelancers.

  2. Hi Mostafizur,

    Thanks for sharing these Paypal alternatives. Paypal is not accepted in some coutries. As a freelancer, I must be aware of the alternatives available. I am using Payoneer and I am happy with it.

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