How to bring Huge Traffic to Your Website

Starting a blog is quite easy. Spending few dollars you can set up a WordPress Website. But it is quite difficult to drive a huge amount of traffic to your blog.

Startup of a website comes with some complex issues like website design, logo design, and the website speed. Making everything setup blog owner starts to make blog posts and waits for the visitor. Seeing the results for few days they become disappointed because most of the time they do not get organic traffic from Google search engine.

A few days ago I also had the same problem. I have now few visitors from Google search engine and thought I might share the tricks how I have increased my website traffic.

Four Tricks That I used to have increased traffic to my blog.

1. Write SEO Enriched Articles

Contents are the main of all. Always try to clear the total theme in your content. In one research by backlinko; it is found that contents that have more than 1800 words get prioritize by Google for ranking. While writing doesn’t focus on quantity try to focus on quality. Use proper h1, h2 & h3 tags in your content. Obviously, you will have to keep the keyword density between 1-1.5%. Don’t forget to keep the keyword in the first paragraph and on the conclusion of your content. Help Google to understand the keywords by using bold, italic, underlined formatted keywords. And yes, don’t write more than 300 words under a single heading or in a single paragraph.

2. Share it on Facebook

Facebook is the largest user-generated media. People come here to connect with others, find something interesting. If you can bring your content to the right viewer then you might get lots of website traffic from Facebook. To do this, you can create a group and Page on your blog name. Then write interesting Facebook posts to get attention Facebook users and gradually post your blog articles on them.

Maintaining Facebook group/page is a tedious task; you can automate Facebook posting using tools like PostPlanner that will post nice and engaging articles on your Facebook page and groups. Damn sure you will get tons of visitors from Facebook.

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3. Bring Traffic from Twitter

Twitter is the 2nd largest user-generated social media. It is another traffic source like Facebook. Twitter is not like Facebook. It has word limits per tweet to 120 words. So you cannot post your full article here. Rather you can post your blog post links by shortening the blog post URL. It is not necessary to post blogs only from your blog. If you find something informative then you should share it with your audiences as it increases the activity. Twitshot is a tool that can help you automate Twitter post. Keep in mind that you must post regularly and get more followers. When you post your blog’s article among 3-4k followers then obviously you will get 500-900 visitors on your website. Don’t post anything irrelevant to your niche.

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4. Leave Comments on other Blogs

Another good way to drive traffic is commenting on popular blogs. When you comment on a post on a popular blog other readers also reads it and always makes a visit to your site. In this method, you might receive a low amount of visitors but you will get backlinks to your site which will push your site to help to rank higher on the search engine. Learn the art of commenting as the blog owner publishes your comment. Always try to comment on the relevant post and be the first commenter on the post. As the first commenter gets a huge amount of traffic and it also helps to create your audiences from another blog.

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These were the tricks that I used a few days ago and now I have few daily visitors from Google and from other sites. Social Media visitors are like guests that come in a year for once or twice. But website traffic from Google and referral comes regularly to your blog. So, prioritize on blog commenting as it gives you permanent and long-term output. If you enjoyed/ learned something helpful then share it on your Facebook, g+, Twitter. This will worth to my effort.

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