Nokia 3310: The Boss is Back !(2017 Version)

The unbreakable, legendary, and most sturdy phone of all time is back, and it is time to take a bow! Yes, this is Nokia 3310 I am talking about. And yes, this is not a rumor about its grand comeback. Very recently, in this year of 2017, the company reintroduced us to a newer and yet nostalgic version of the unbeatable Nokia 3310 in the event of the Mobile World Congress. The event had some more highlights, but this was the major attraction of the launching program.

nokia 3310

Since we all are aware, Nokia has not been launching phones, only some technological equipment. This was a game-changing step for Nokia. The most talked about set of all time is the Nokia 3310, and this is not for nothing. This set was so famous for its sturdiness and its longest and most exquisite battery of all time, that people would use it as an example of longevity and strength. As time went on, the manufacture of this set was shut down eventually for certain reasons and controversies. But the few who still had them working did not lose them and kept them as cautiously as possible. Considering the fact, one day this may be regarded as an asset for the new generations of short battery androids and iPhones.

But the most anticipating and cherished chance has come again for the Nokia lovers with the MWC in 2017. The set has been resurrected and has been announced to be sold at the price of 49 dollars. The design and architecture of the handset is as nostalgic as it could be but seems far more polished and attractive. In this age of smartphones, this will stand out as a ‘Feature Phone’. There will be no unlimited facilities regarding internet, as expected.

The spot out features of Nokia 3310 (2017 version)

  • The connectivity is 2.5G.
  • It is powered by the S30+ operating system.
  • You can browse the web but in the most basic ways, not like the android phones or iPhones.
  • The camera quality is single and in the back, being limited to only two megapixels.
  • The most mentionable advantage is its battery life.
  • The HMD says that this unbeatable phone has a standby of one month.
  • This phone gives almost to 22 hours of talk time.
  • It comes with a modern version (but not too modern) of the classic evergreen snakes game.

Resurrecting this highly wanted set once again can be a direct challenge thrown at the mainstream smartphone market.

But there are some certain drawbacks as well.

This launch may have gained a huge number of audience in the world who will buy this in the flick of a wand, but if this is the only approach of Nokia for the future, and if they do not have anything else figured out for the future, then this can be another death of them.

Because this set will always be used as a strong substitute in this ever rushing highly technological world, but will never be used as the main option. So the company better have plans which are stronger than the battery life of this phone for their future manufacturers.


Nokia 3310 one of the widely used cell phone. It loses its popularity, because of growing Android devices in the mobile market but not from the heart of its users. Once again it’s on the market now with a different look and stronger backup. Now its time to wait and see if it can regain it’s popularity as it had earlier.

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