Few SEO Plugins that helps to bring Your Site Higher in Search result

With no argument, WordPress is the leading and yet best blogging platform. You can fix any kind of major pro For any kind of Dynamic/Static blog/website WordPress is the best platform. Anyone without any Programming knowledge can maintain a dynamic site using WordPress Plugins. Using few SEO plugins you can maintain your website’s SEO too.  Plugins are kinds of added functionalities and features for WordPress sites.

So, you can also setup and maintain your WordPress site without having programming knowledge. You can do the SEO of your website also.  Today, I will be telling you about Few SEO Plugins that will help you to do SEO hence bring your site higher in the search result. Before we go ahead let’s have a simple overview of WordPress SEO.

WordPress is SEO friendly, But, not the complete guide for SEO. It gives a better output while you compare it with other existing platforms. WordPress is much more reliable for search engine optimization than any other platform. You can take your websites SEO to the next level using different SEO Plugins.  Before installing any SEO plugin let’s have a look on the Levels of SEO.

On Page SEO : This section plays an important role of your entire SEO. On Page SEO, depends mainly on the content of your website. You should select a single or group keyword for your website and use those keywords on your contents. Image alt tags, heading tags, Subheading tags, keyword density etc. are the main part of this level.

On Site SEO : On-site SEO is a part of Off Page SEO. Here you will have to care about your overall website’s indexing and crawling. To do it you have to create a sitemap of your entire site and submit it to Webmaster Tools. sitemap.xml , server response time, DNS lookup etc. are the main factors of ON site SEO. And I suggest buying a faster hosting with maximum up-time.

Off Site SEO : It’s also a part of Off Page SEO. Although it doesn’t directly impact on your entire SEO. But it has a great impact on social media traffic. Try to share your contents links on the different social media platform. Creating back-links to your site, sharing your sites to different Social media platform are the main part of Off-Site SEO.

Now, Let’s see

Some WP SEO Plugins for Higher Ranking in Search Result

You must ensure your WordPress site is optimized enough and you are taking care of all the Facts. No doubt, you will get a better output if you can take care all of these. And you can do this by using the SEO Plugins below.

WordPress SEO By Yoast: Yoast SEO is one of the best SEO Plugin and used by more than 1 Million WordPress users. You can set your focus Keyword, alt text, image alt text, Meta text, snippet content for on-page SEO on this SEO Plugin.Yoast SEO offers few extra features, you can create “sitemap.xml” file also with this plugin. With this SEO Plugin, you can edit your “htaccess” file also.

W3 Total Cache:By mistake, you have bought a slow server? Don’t worry W3 total cache is for you. You may have some confusion while setting up W3 Total Cache. But after the proper configuration, it will speed up your website’s page load speed which is an important factor for SEO.

Jetpack: It’s a great plugin that will help your site to prevent malicious login attacks or any kind of virus attacks. Like Yoast SEO, Jetpack can create sitemap.xml file also. It has some other features like the responsive option for your theme, social media sharing options and lot more. I like Jetpack plugin because it’s saving my site from unwanted malicious login attacks.

These are the top 3 SEO plugins that can help you to monitor your websites SEO factors. But before using these plugins, read how to operate them from their publisher’s site because wrong settings can destroy entire SEO of your website.


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